When Kids Rule The World


Whether it be tackling their homework, racing to the school bus, or the cursed forgotten lunch box, kids take up a lot of a parent’s day. It also comes down to more solemn issues like their future or careers.

But with all the child surgeons, authors and artists sprouting up these days, this might be the one area where parents needn’t fret anymore. And coupled with these midget prodigies sometime sometimes? We might happen to be the less superior branch!                                      

The hanging lights were precisely focused on the charred hand as the young surgeon worked in pin drop silence. In about an hour, the burnt fingers of the patient slowly uncurled for the first time in five years as the surgeon looked on with relief in his eyes. The news spread like wildfire into the village and everyone came in their turn to applaud the surgeon and his family. It was a simply miraculous.

For the surgeon, Akrit Jaswal, was seven years old. Akrit had just made history. Soon he was all over on the television and the front pages of the press, world-wide. He even went on to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s show.

Credits: goafrica.com


He joined a university at 12 and is currently working to find a reliable cure for cancer. He has an incredible IQ of 146, the highest for his age group in India, which has a gigantic population of over one million children. But behind the limelight, Akrit also faced his own set of problems due to systematic shortcomings in India. However , Akrit persisted and succeeded. That’s the key.                   



Twelve years is an interesting age. Through all the muddle of middle school, the friends, the bullies, and that paper ball which ‘accidently’ hit the teacher in in class create  class; create the best of our childhood memories. In this amusing age, though, one wouldn’t know many kids who have soared from 2nd to 8th grade in a single year.Or who could read at 24 months.

Better yet, one wouldn’t know many 12-year-olds who have gotten nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Gregory Smith is one such kid.


Credits: starwheels.com


However he didn’t stop at that. The little hotshot went on to get nominated for the Noble twice more before he turned 13. Whoa! 

At the ripe old age of 11, Greg had joined hands with Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev to form an organisation called ‘The International Youth Advocates’ to help children throughout the world. So while this kid wasn’t inventing and building his own money empire like other prodigies, he used his special capabilities to work for the betterment of humanity.

Perhaps only a few precious kids could be that thoughtful.                                                        



Do you believe in God? Not many today do with faith being hard to come by.                         And so away from our wretched, faithless company, God’s been hanging out with little Akiane since she was four.

Credit: wereblog.com

She claims to be having visions of  God and heaven and hence took to putting them out on the canvass. The startling images Akiane has been creating since five are hard to find even in an experienced artist’s work. Though behind the deep acrylics, the feeling and expression in Akiana’s drawings are truly incredible to see.

 All her inspiration is heavenly. While some of her works show Jesus as the Prince of Peace, others have Eve in front of the poisonous fruit. But a personal favorite of many was one of an African woman staring aside. The expression in her eyes is so real and mesmerizing that often people refuse to believe Akiane drew this when she was only eight.


Some of her paintings today are worth a million dollars. Well they do say that the will of g God leads man to incredible actions and that’s what seems to have struck bright little Akiane. Now we wish God hung out with us sometime:) 


The telephone rang. The lady was surprised as she heard, positively, a child’s voice speaking on the other side.                                                                                                                        

‘Would you like some advice? I heard you’ve been dumped.’          

‘Yeah, well…sure…’ the woman hesitantly answered.

‘Go bowling with your pals and drink a mug of milk.’ replied the 7 yr old.

When one can’t  chart out a path get straight to God, there’s always Elaina for advice. A direct contrast to Akiane, the seven-year-old agony aunt might be the surrogate god for many, with her part of the advice that works quicker than horse on a Ferrari. The scamp now owns a weekly spot where she gets hundreds of adult listeners for her marvelous advice.                  

credits: therichest.com


 It might be befuddling to think about the understanding little Elaine has on relationships when many are still wondering on how to ask out the girl next door.                                          

A favorite was when a caller asked on how to get her man back:                                                         

‘He’s not worth the headache,’ Elaina advised, ‘Life’s too short to be upset for a boy.’

Well said indeed.



Note: These children have now reached a mature age, but I’ve written about them in a time when they were the most popular. I’d recommend you check out (former) 12 year old Adora Svitak’s rattling talk defending the genius in kids.

But anyway, aren’t they simply some awesome sauce? You’ve got to be cowering with shame of your own childhood now…   *No conscience please don’t hurt me!

I hope you liked the article! Share it if you really did, don’t wander off. 

Thank you ever so much. I hope to see you my next post.


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