The Art Thief – A Mystery in France

  I stepped up the staircase as voices sounded from above . I walked into the wide corridor to find my landlord arguing with the detective inspector as both stood under a broken skylight. A silver chandelier drooped from the ceiling and the velvet curtains were drawn. The warm, drowsy air this place had always given me returned, floating into the old walls, the wooden … Continue reading The Art Thief – A Mystery in France

Down in the Coal Mines

  Clouds were swirling over Ladrymbai after the monsoon rain; the sun sparkled on the Meghalayan hills. Inside in the Starbucks cafe, Amyra was anxiously waiting for her friend. Suddenly, Shyam burst through the doors with the morning’s paper in his hands. ‘It’s there, they’ve published it!’ he shouted across the room excitedly. Amyra rushed towards him and opened the front page. Her story was … Continue reading Down in the Coal Mines

A Young Mother in the World War

  The long hall was finally silent after hours of commotion as sixty women, new mothers and some pregnant, lay resting on their beds side by side. The young girl’s labor had gone on way past midnight and they had to make her bite a pillow so her screams wouldn’t wake the babies. Previous labors had already emptied the one bottle of morphine the nurses … Continue reading A Young Mother in the World War