Swami Vivekananda & What He Taught A 13 year old

  Of all the remarkable things about Swami Vivekananda, I find him just as relevant to the privileged youth of today, as to the starving, directionless young Indians of the 19th century. In our technology infested homes buzzing with social platforms, videos and the entire self-obsessed world of internet, the greatest thing Swami Vivekananda taught me is selflessness. For when I looked up after hours … Continue reading Swami Vivekananda & What He Taught A 13 year old

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Jaipur Lit Fest – A Sea of Stories

  The illustrious Jaipur Literature Festival has been swiveled into different depictions for various people. For bookworms it opens up a wider spectrum to the literary world, a new excitement. For intellectuals it gifts opportunity to finger notorious brainy heads they wouldn’t normally meet. It is a colorful affair with pizza for holiday making families, while remaining the hottest selfie spot for everyone under 18 … Continue reading Jaipur Lit Fest – A Sea of Stories


How to Change from Dreamer to Writer

  If you’re like me, you probably stumbled onto writing as the result of an entire child hood spent devouring books. Or perhaps it was a school teacher who once encouraged your stories, a supportive parent, or maybe it’s simply your own inherent, deep secret ambition to write. Whichever it is, I congratulate you! Even if you don’t think so, you’re one of the few … Continue reading How to Change from Dreamer to Writer


Road Accidents – Do we have no shame left?

    A harsh truth has come out to me today. Fifty per cent of the time in a road accident in India, people die not of any ghastly injury but simply because nobody helped them. It’s true, as unbelievable as that sounds. Almost every day these accidents make headlines in newspapers; new articles preach awareness to the bystanders on roads. Reach out to the inhuman … Continue reading Road Accidents – Do we have no shame left?


Eating out at Sarojininagar Delhi

  I doubtfully eyed the small autorikshaw as all four of us squeezed inside, shifting and making space. The poor thing cringed. “Are you sure it’s fine carrying four people?” I asked the driver again, who looked optimistic despite the staggering weight on his vehicle. “Don’t worry madam,” he replied, “three is the standard carry but we will manage.” And he deftly pulled back the … Continue reading Eating out at Sarojininagar Delhi