The Art Thief – A Mystery in France

  I stepped up the staircase as voices sounded from above . I walked into the wide corridor to find my landlord arguing with the detective inspector as both stood under a broken skylight. A silver chandelier drooped from the ceiling and the velvet curtains were drawn. The warm, drowsy air this place had always given me returned, floating into the old walls, the wooden … Continue reading The Art Thief – A Mystery in France

Down in the Coal Mines

  Clouds were swirling over Ladrymbai after the monsoon rain; the sun sparkled on the Meghalayan hills. Inside in the Starbucks cafe, Amyra was anxiously waiting for her friend. Suddenly, Shyam burst through the doors with the morning’s paper in his hands. ‘It’s there, they’ve published it!’ he shouted across the room excitedly. Amyra rushed towards him and opened the front page. Her story was … Continue reading Down in the Coal Mines

Unlikely Hero of the World War

  Mavis put down the steel container and the old man vomited into it, shivering. She wrinkled her nose and offered him a glass of water before  emptying the container out of the window. There were ten patients in the tiny, curtained room but the only other nurse in the geriatric ward, Helen, was sick for the day. Mavis had been on her feet since … Continue reading Unlikely Hero of the World War

My Brother – The Goofball Golfing Prodigy

Bhai, as I address my brother Shubhankar, started golf the year I was born. It was in Wellington, Tamil Nadu, in the Wellington Gymkhana Club,  in the year 2002, that Shubhankar wielded a club for the first time. My father was posted there, those days. Shubhankar was not even 6 then. Ever since I remember, golf has been the central theme of our household discussions. … Continue reading My Brother – The Goofball Golfing Prodigy

The Magic of the Explanatory Teacher

  Of all the teachers in school there’s always one whom the students remember. The one in whose class everyone is silent, more out of interest than fear; where even the naughtiest kids in class sit still and the whole class leans forth for something different from the last six hours of sitting at the desk, paying attention and painstakingly taking notes. That is the … Continue reading The Magic of the Explanatory Teacher

How Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

We are truly the only ones who stick with ourselves throughout life, hearing the calls of our own thoughts. So brainy heads, thoughts matter. – Me It is your thoughts which will whisper inspiration, disgust or happiness in your ears. Every thought matters. Most people can’t really pluck their thoughts right away. It’s hard to chain them in words. Often, they rather come to you … Continue reading How Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life