How Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

We are truly the only ones who stick with ourselves throughout life, hearing the calls of our own thoughts. So brainy heads, thoughts matter. – Me

It is your thoughts which will whisper inspiration, disgust or happiness in your ears. Every thought matters. Most people can’t really pluck their thoughts right away. It’s hard to chain them in words. Often, they rather come to you as a feeling.

It is that sudden burst of inspiration before the race starts, the pain of losing a loved one, even the flooding exasperation when you have to visit the loo right at the moment the movie starts. Isn’t it strange how deeply they change our mood, this banter in our own heads?

But thoughts have proven themselves to be important. Having Science on our side, hospital patients are likely to go worse if they have negative expectations, while miracle cases have healed from impossible cancers through the power of their thought. Harvard  research gives this a thumbs up as well.

Conducting an experiment with two newbie groups beginning piano, one actually practiced the notes every day while the other only imagined playing the same with their fingers. Unexpectedly, their brain scans showed the same development in relevant regions. This astounding research proves that we truly become what we think. It can mean the difference between becoming Mother Teresa or Miley Cyrus. Rather horrifyingly, even Hitler:)


Don’t mess with me.


Brushing jokes aside, our thoughts undeniably matter. I like to think of them like the ‘feed’ on Facebook, but only of our lives. They control how we feel about people around us, our circumstances and beliefs, our world. This is the reason, if we start picking our thoughts as carefully as we pick our clothes everyday, we’d be much happier, more peaceful and supple.

Far too often, people describe life as out of their control. The teenager is lost to influences and identity crisis, the youth struggles to establish himself and the older man takes care of his family, responsible and fearful of a bad life for his children. There are always problems people are subjecting us to, or hate we have garnered for our own bodies or ourselves.

A lot of pain in this world.

But isn’t it simply so weak to think like that?

We have a habit of blaming life for our fears and failures. But the truth is, we are only being reactive. Take a page out of Stephan Covey’s book, literally:) The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

When our teachers shout at us, our friends deny us, seemingly all negative things in the world are toppling upon us, it is easy to dissolve into a well of despair. We can let that torrent of pain, demeaning thoughts rush into our heads and tear us apart. But we have a choice. 

It is the ability to choose a response which makes us so uniquely human. Education has opened our minds to distinguish right from wrong. We can truly organize our thoughts. We can choose our feelings, regardless of the social atmosphere around us, our circumstances, our family.

It is easy to be influenced by the famous faces of today, celebrities and prominent people who can sometimes dangerously effect a normal person. But you can remember that they will only remain names in the pages of history tomorrow. Time’s sweeping waves stop for no one. Hence, there is only one thing that truly matters. What have you done with your life? What message have you left for the world?

And your thoughts decide all that.

Consequently,  I’m now feeling like a saint atop a mountain, calling out to the world:)


confused funny girl.jpg
Bless you mister!


I realized thoughts are like pearls, and that each ripple into the deep waters of our minds changes our being. They determine our future. But the good news lies in the fact that we are their creators.

So, do you pick your thoughts with care?


Slightly poetic on the uptake, but I’d say some good points. What is your opinion?

I’d love to know your thoughts.

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